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Using the earphones

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When using Audéo PFE in-ear earphones, it is important only to use genuine parts. Never use accessories from other manufacturers: they are not compatible with the Audéo PFE and can alter the frequency range of your headphones, or can cause damage or even accidents.

You can obtain genuine parts for your headphones from an authorized dealer, or you can buy them from this web site (only available in certain countries).

Using the headphones

Audéo headphones give outstanding sound quality when they are correctly inserted and a complete sound seal is obtained. Follow the steps below for the best results:

  1. Reduce the volume before plugging the headphones into the playback device.
  2. Before putting on the headphones, note which earpiece goes into the left and which into the right ear.
  3. Clip the silicone ear guides on to the cord and pull them right up to the earpieces. This puts the cord into the best position around the ear, ensuring a secure fit and a reduction in cable noise. This close fit is particularly useful during exercise, holding the headphones securely in the ears. However, if you do not wish to use the ear guides you need not do so.
  4. If you are using Comply™ foam ear tips, squeeze them with your fingers.
  5. Hold the headphones by the side pieces. The cord should point upwards and the ear tips should face inwards.
  6. Position the cords behind your ears, placing the ear tips into the ears. Do not press too hard. If the ear tip does not fit, try a different size.
  7. The cords hang down behind your ears and go across your chest or back into the playback device. The ear guides hold the cords securely around your ears.
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