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Data protection

Data protection is very important to ConnectHearing. This section describes the policies which ConnectHearing applies when handling personal information. By accessing and using this website you are stating your acceptance of our data protection regulations.

Your personal data are handled in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation. Data are processed electronically by automated methods. We use your personal data only to handle your order, for market research, to improve this website and our product range, and to inform you about the services we offer. In particular, you agree that we can contact you by telephone or electronic media, including unsolicited contact.

ConnectHearing takes your privacy very seriously. ConnectHearing will not sell or loan your personal data to other retailers. In order to improve our services, your personal data will be accessible to authorized persons within ConnectHearing, operating in accordance with these data protection regulations. Where it is useful to do so, we will pass certain personal information to companies with which ConnectHearing has a strategic relationship, or which operate on behalf of ConnectHearing to offer products and services. These companies can help us in processing information, handling customer orders, shipping products to you, managing customer data, offering customer services, noting your interest in our products and services, or carrying out customer satisfaction surveys. The companies likewise undertake to handle your personal data in accordance with these data protection regulations. It would be difficult for us to supply you with products or to offer you customer services or other services without making your data available to other companies.

Like many other company websites, the Audéo PFE website makes use of cookies and other technologies in order to collect information on which pages are visited most often, where our visitors look, and how much time they spend on each page. We also use cookies and other technologies to ensure that our online advertising leads our customers to the right products and services. We use cookies and other technologies to allow us to recognize the patterns of use on our website so that we can improve its design, and to evaluate the effectiveness of our customer communications. Finally, we also use cookies to adapt the website more closely to your needs and to make it easier to navigate.

By entering into this contract, you are declaring your express agreement with this data processing system. The contract cannot be finalized without this agreement. You can cancel your agreement to our data storage and processing methods at any time with future effect: please contact our customer services department.