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What is the difference between headphones, earphones and in-ear earphones?

These terms are used in many different ways, but they are usually defined as follows:


Headphones are usually the larger types with a headband. They sit over the ear and sometimes have some means of blocking out external noise. Earphones are normally smaller and are placed inside the ears. These types are often bundled with playback devices. In-ear earphones are similar to earphones because they also are placed inside the ears. However, they are inserted right into the ear, and their close fit seals off the ear from outside noises to give better sound quality.


Audéo PFE are smaller than conventional headphones and do not need a battery (unlike some headphones with a noise suppression facility). They are more comfortable, and block out outside noise better than conventional in-ear earphones.



What devices are compatible with Audéo PFE and Audéo PFE with microphone?

Audéo PFE earphones can be used with most MP3 players, CD and DVD players, and portable games consoles, provided they are fitted with a 3.5 mm stereo jack.

The Audeo PFE 232 and 132 models come with a microphone and a multifunctional button, offering optional hands-free function with remote volume control and call answering/ending. These model are compatible with MP3 players and all generations of iPods™ and iPhones™.

Other Audéo PFE models are compatible with MP3 players and all generations of iPods™ and iPhones™, but the microphones do not have a volume control or voice control.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with other cell phones fitted with a 4-pole 3.5 mm jack.



What are the audio filters for?

The audio filters have a significant effect on the frequency range of the headphones, and at the same time keep the sound tubes free of dirt. The audio filters can be changed easily to adapt the frequency range to your own listening preferences.


The Grey audio filters emphasize mid-range frequencies for clean, crisp sound.

The Black audio filters offer a dynamic sound, amplifying the bass more and high frequencies.

The Green audio filters boost the bass.



What can I do if my Audéo PFE headphones do not give good sound quality?

  1. Check that there is no ear wax blocking the audio filter. Ear wax is not always easy to see.
  2. Make sure there is an audio filter fitted.
  3. Clean the ear tip.
  4. Make sure that the ear tips are not fitted too loosely and that they close off the ears properly.
  5. Wear the headphones in the correct position (side piece sitting diagonally to the top front edge of the ear).



Can I exercise while wearing Audéo PFE headphones?

Audéo PFE headphones give you a secure fit so they do not fall out during exercise. However, wearing headphones means you have only limited awareness of ambient noise and warning signals, so you must not wear them while driving, running, or jogging, or during any other activities where it might be dangerous not to hear sounds from outside.


What should I do to protect my hearing?

Keep to the guidelines below:

  1. Set the volume as low as possible.
  2. Never exceed 50% of the maximum volume of your MP3 player or other playback devices.
  3. Do not listen for more than 1 hour per day.
  4. Always turn the volume down before putting on the headphones. This avoids the sound level being too high if the volume has been turned up by accident.
  5. Stop using the headphones immediately if you hear ringing in the ears or if any other problem occurs.