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About Audéo

One design idea is often inspired by another. When Apple introduced the iPhone™ its sleek shape and innovative functionality were widely admired. Even the Phonak technicians were amazed... and immediately spotted an opportunity of applying their own knowledge in order to create a new product.

Phonak has been amassing experience in human hearing for many decades, and as a result the company possesses technologies that have enabled it to develop headphones with exceptional sound and total comfort – two attributes for which the company, in conjunction with its other products, is already well known. In the fall of 2008 Phonak introduced its first Audéo PFE in-ear earphones – a state-of-the-art, maximum-comfort, stylish product. Audéo headphones are the first technical products for immediate customer use brought onto the market by Phonak, the manufacturer of professional hearing and communications systems.

With Audéo headphones, Phonak offers a stylish solution for music lovers seeking excellent sound quality and a comfortable listening experience.